An Essentially Awesome Life

So what is An Essentially Awesome Life? We all have one, right?

Life is NEVER perfect. It always has some kinks along each path… those kinks can be so deep that they feel permanent, and they can be just a little detour in this crazy journey we are all on.

My life, like yours (likely) is just that. Essentially Awesome. Not absolutely amazing and stellar. Not the best thing on Earth. Not perfect. No one’s is, or so I’m told… and even with the highlight reel of Facebook and Instagram, I try to remind myself that I am normal and my imperfect life is much better than it would be if there were never any hiccups to overcome… like those sites make everyone’s lives out to be… But, my life is essentially the best life I could live. It is essentially awesome. And that is where the title came from for my blog. I hope you like it and understand a little more about its meaning.

Even with the craziness that being a mother of 3 sometimes entails, a wife and a homemaker and a business owner… and that struggle of trying to be perfect, know so much, and not feel completely overwhelmed by it all. It’s still Essentially Awesome.

I am convinced that it is absolutely the hardest thing in the world to be a human being. Seriously. We all have SO MUCH on our plates. Jobs, businesses, relationships, children, laundry (OMG THE LAUNDRY), religion, friends, exercise, health and food! And that’s just scraping the surface. And we’re supposed to know what is good, bad and ugly in the world, take notes and remember everything too! It is hard. But it’s still Essentially Awesome.

I hope you will join me in celebrating our awesome lives together, as we discover new awesomeness around every corner.

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  1. So many times, we can get stuck in the mire of life. I’m excited to weed through it all and discover how it’s essentially awesome with you ❤️

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