Attracting Light

The Power of Positive Thinking

We get the life we want by attracting the things we want through positive thinking. Do you think that’s true?

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been coached and directed, guided and educated to understand the power that I have in my own life. When my parents were young, in love and trying to figure out the world, they attended a “training” on how to live a successful and happy life, and have a successful and happy marriage. Throughout this training (I like to think of it as a self-help conference) they learned that they held all the power to create the life they wanted to live. Through positive thoughts and positive actions, you would attract positivity and create what you are wanting. Even making dreams come true. They put it all into practice and have lived a wonderful, blessed, beautiful life, and they’e still going strong.

What is this training?

Of course, a lot of details were discussed in this training, and it was broken down into manageable bits… but that’s the gist.  To this day, my mom and dad still refer to their “training” and all they have learned and the concept that life doesn’t just happen, but you are the one in control. You control your happiness, the positive thinking in your mind, and the way you react to what comes your way. Come to find out in more recent years, this is the “Law of Attraction”.

They have instilled this in my head since birth, and although there were times I was tired of hearing it (for the constant reminding and the choices I made that might not have been the best… yeah those late teenage years were a struggle…), I am so thankful they gave me this gift. It’s amazing to know this, and to realize that we have the power. It’s a secret that many don’t know, but I am lucky to have been raised this way… and I’m here to empower you now.

That concept seems simple, right? Think about things positively, and you’ll have a great life. Create in your mind what you want and you shall have it. However, there’s a huge gap between wanting and having. That’s where the work comes in. The work that you put in to get that life you want. It doesn’t just happen, but it happens with intention and effort. Like, GIANT amounts of intention and effort. And with that, comes an attitude that doesn’t give up. Doing things that are hard or challenging or time-consuming aren’t always favored. But when your attitude and outlook are clear and absolute, everything is easier.

Is this for real?

I’m not saying that things don’t happen that are out of our control. Of course not. Look at me, for instance. Would I have ever wished for some crazy, out-there diagnosis of a chronic disease, which before I had been told I possibly had it, I didn’t know a thing about?. And look at all the horrible things that can happen to people. They definitely don’t create those things. I totally get that we don’t control the universe. But we do control our own thoughts and our own choices and the way we respond to the things that happen in the universe.

I never really understood the importance of all these lessons from my parents until I was faced with making some life-altering decisions. Maybe I had a leg-up because of my upbringing? I think so.

Taking Control

While I was suffering and in my own living hell, I had to figure out what I wanted from my life and make it that way. With these lessons from my parents, mixed with the support and constant reminding from my husband, I was able to snap out of it and get on with living, instead of worrying and fearing the future. I was able to make the choice that it took to turn my life around. I was able to decide that diet and natural ways of healing were first and foremost on my list of values, and that I would do it and it would work. No matter what any doctor advises against, no matter how much they doubt me, and no matter what others think. No matter how hard it gets, it is worth the effort.

Really, in the course of healing my body and striving to do the best I can to get here, I have learned so much. I have changed my thought processes, almost constantly. If a negative thought comes in my mind, I often find myself deleting it out and replacing it with something positive. I picture myself thriving, meditating to see myself in a field of flowers all around me, able to run and jump and smell and SEE all the vibrant colors in every direction. It is SO powerful. It is a huge part of my healing. The power of positivity is real, and I am living proof.

Start now!

I challenge you to try it. Start by replacing one negative thought a day. Physically think about deleting it, or negating it and then think of the positive spin on that same negative thought. The more you put it into practice, the more natural it becomes. Now you know the secret, so go out and spread it around like wild fire.