M5 Farm – The Greatest Place On Earth

M5 Farm is where I live. It’s the place I call home. With my husband, my 3 little girls, and our 13 chickens and dog, Lily.

The way we got to this place was all in God’s hands… it was completely out of our control, and yet something we totally needed and wanted and didn’t know was possible.

My husband, has always been the risk taker, the dream maker, and the one with all the guts. Me? Not so much. I like to play it safe, stay comfortable, and think within the realm of what I’ve got going on. Really. I’m not all that exciting… but he’s the one who likes to ride motorcycles and drive trucks on roads that are a little too narrow. Just sayin’. He may have influenced our choice to take a huge leap of faith and go for this house and all it entailed. I’m so glad he’s got that fun-loving and risk-taking personality. It makes life exciting.

This month on June 12th, it marked 2 years since we closed on our dream home that we now call M5 Farm. It’s a circa 1954 ranch-style home on almost 2 acres of lush, green grass. In the middle of the city. We have an orchard with about 30 trees. SERIOUSLY. We did NOT know what it would be like to have 30 orange, grapefruit, lemon, peach, apricot, pecan and almond trees. Sometimes I look at the amount of work that goes into this place, 2 years later… and really thank God for the naivety that we had when we fell in love. Had we known… OH BOY. We may have though twice about putting that offer in 2 days after it went on the market!

Many many years before R came home and said “your house is for sale”, we would drive down the street this house was on as a short-cut to our old house. We would drive really slowly when we came upon M5 Farm, before it was M5 Farm. We would day-dream and think, “what would it be like to own a place like that someday.” I even drove my mom to see this house one time when we were hanging out. This was YEARS before it went on the market. It was definitely the precursor to what would turn out to be a dream come true for us.

Our old house was a modern home, 2005 build, with all the modern amenities and ZERO character. That place was great… don’t get me wrong. We were married in the front room of that house, and I birthed 2 of my babies inside those very walls. But, it was just not full of character like M5 Farm is. It didn’t hold memories of prominent families before our time. It wasn’t built by hand, with love and thought put into every single curve and corner. It didn’t have lots of space for our family to grow up in, and spread out in. It was a starter home. M5 Farm is our forever home.

I’m telling you all of this because this house, the land, the work, and the beauty take up a LOT of my time. So, you will hear a lot about M5 Farm here. It’s a part of me, a part of my family and who we are. It’s the most beautiful place to wake up to and go to sleep in. And it’s a work in progress… but aren’t we all.